Thursday, February 16, 2012

Stay Active During the Winter Months

Discover ways to be active during the colder seasons by taking advantage of the many activities winter has to offer!
From skiing to shoveling snow, there are many ways to be active during the winter months.
And sledding is more work than you think! Every time you take a ride down the hill, climb all the back to the top – you can burn more calories by pulling a few kids on the sled as you go up! Try sledding for 30 minutes, and you can burn as many calories as a two-mile run.

Life Fitness, (one of our leading manufacturers of exercise equipment), breaks down the potential calories burned* during outdoor winter activities you can try this season: 

Sledding for 30 minutes: 250 calories 
Ice skating for 30 minutes: 230 calories
Cross-country skiing for 30 minutes: 300 calories
Down-hill skiing for 30 minutes: 210 calories
Snowboarding for 30 minutes: 250 calories
Walking the dog for 30 minutes: 125 calories
Shoveling snow for 30 minutes: 230 calories

And when getting outdoors isn’t feasible, hop on your home treadmill or elliptical trainer and indulge yourself in a favorite music playlist while sweating off some of those extra winter pounds!

*approximations based on an average 145 lbs woman for a 30 minutes of activity

This Fit Tip was provided by Life Fitness, the leader in designing and manufacturing high-quality exercise equipment for fitness facilities and homes worldwide.