Monday, June 23, 2014

Shiloh, IL Fitness Showcase store closing-! Special Prices until June 30!

Come to our Shiloh store, where you will find tons of specials & deals on True, Life, Inspire, Helix, Water Rower, & Cybex fitness equipment! We will be closing the doors at this store on June 30th, so make sure to come in & take advantage of our special pricing! If you have any questions be sure to call us at 618-206-2399.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Spring in to Fitness With Best Buys From True Fitness at Fitness Showcase

True Fitness products have been recognized by the Treadmill Doctor as the “best buy” & Fitness Showcase is the only True Fitness Dealer in St. Louis & Springfield. We are proud to sell their award winning equipment!

We have deals running on many True Fitness products, such as the True PS 100 treadmill which was the winner in its price range for Best Buy treadmill, as was the ES900 Elliptical! Check out our specials in store or on our website!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

You're Doing It Wrong On The Treadmill

Wondering why, even though you are dedicated to time on that treadmill, you still aren’t seeing results? You could be doing it wrong. Here are some mistakes you could be making that could be holding you back.

Not focusing: The thing that some people love about treadmills is that they’re convenient for multitasking, like reading a magazine, or having a conversation with your workout buddy. If you want to see results though you need to push yourself. Focus on your workout. Increase your speed. 

Not relaxing: While running on a treadmill may not feel as natural as running outside, you need to remember not to tense up. Try not to crowd the front of the treadmill and relax your form. It can alleviate neck, shoulder, and lower back pains that may cause you to take a break from your routine.

Not adjusting the incline: You’ll become a better runner if you increase the incline on that treadmill & you’ll burn more calories. Even a 1% increase will help & you won’t be able to notice. Increasing the incline also helps you avoid shin splints.

Same old, same old: The reason you may not being seeing the numbers on the scale change at all could be because you aren’t changing the speed on your treadmill. Using a treadmill at the same speed everyday can cause you to plateau, so switch it up! 

Treadmill loyalty: If the treadmill and the locker room are the only parts of your gym that you really see, then you're missing out on some great calorie-burning potential. Break the habit: start or end your running session with strength training (this five-minute basic workout is a great place to start) in order to build those metabolism-boosting muscles. 

Holding on: If you feel unsafe running on a treadmill without holding on to the handle bars, you could be hindering your results. When you run hands free you burn more calories and you work your upper body as well. Slow down your speed until you get the hang of not hanging on and keep your abs engaged to help balance yourself.