Friday, September 13, 2013

Think Fitness now

The winter is coming and the possibility of being closed inside with no ability to go out and run or exercise is a very real possibility. Did you know that Fitness Showcase has a full assortment of home gyms and other excellent devices to keep those summer habits alive and well!

Home gyms are a very convenient, compact, easy-to-use, and safe way of exercising with weights. Weight training is an extremely effective method of burning fat, toning muscles, building joint strength, and warding off osteoporosis. After the age of 30, bone and muscle mass start a natural decline. These reductions in bone and muscle mass continue as we age, but weight bearing exercise can significantly slow this process. Home gyms allow you to lift specific amounts of weights by pulling or pushing on a bar or handle attached to a system of pulleys. Most home gyms offer the following stations: chest press, shoulder press, leg extension, lying or standing leg curl, triceps extension, triceps pushdown, arm curl, low rowing, lat pull down, pec deck fly, upright rowing, and heel raise. The only way to determine which one is right for you is to try several models out to make sure it is comfortable and works the muscle groups you want to work the most.

How about an Inspire leg press!

Inspire LP1 Leg Press


  • Telescoping back pad ensures a full range of motion
  • Orthopedic pads provide superior back support and comfort
  • Diamond pattern on foot plates provide a skid resistant surface
  • Self-leveling foot plates distribute pressure evenly across the legs and feet
These are just two outstanding products form a leader in fitness equipment


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