Thursday, April 3, 2014

Food Baby

Surely we’ve all heard of the phenomenon that is the food baby. When indulging doesn’t quite do justice to how much you truly just ate, all of a sudden your stomach is protruding and making you, men or women, look as though you’re pregnant. The growth of your stomach may sometimes make you feel as though your stomach is about to burst.

Did you know that your stomach can go from holding a shot glass size when empty to holding up to 4 liters, or a little more than a gallon of milk? The point at which you are normally comfortably full is usually only 1-1.5 liters. When you overeat, you normally get a feeling of discomfort, but when you make it a habit to eat that way the feeling of being miserable will go away because your stomach muscles will stretch. Over time, when you consistently are over-stuffing yourself, you are causing your stomach to adapt to be able to hold more food and liquid. Your stomach doesn’t shrink back up to its normal size and then you will require more food to make you feel full. The pain you feel from over eating will also be caused by your body working overtime to digest the large about of food you consumed. 

Do you normally feel like working out after you’ve just binge eaten? No, most people don’t and it’s not something you should force either. When you exercise, the blood flow to your digestive track is lessened, which leads to nausea and bloating. So don’t think that a hardcore workout is going to help that food baby disappear. If anything, go for a walk which will help your stomach muscles grind and push food into your intestinal tract faster. You also, however, should not go lie down or go take a nap although sometimes that is exactly what you want to do. It is suggested that you stay upright for at least half an hour. 

So if you want to avoid the sensation of being along 7 months into your pregnancy, pigging out, binging, going hog-wild, are all activities that should be avoided.  


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