Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Maintaining Runner's Form

How often do you think about your form when you’re running? Most often, we’d guess, you really don’t. Whether you're running outside or on a treadmill, we don't imagine you're usually thinking of how you should be holding your body. If you did, however, you could increase your performance and your endurance. Not only that, but you could lessen your chance of injury if you’re holding your body the correct way while you’re running.

Let’s start from the top & work our way down!

Mind: So this isn’t as much about the way you’re physically holding yourself as much as it is about what your mental state is. Don’t over-think while you’re running. This is meant to be a stress-reducing exercise, so clear your mind and just run.
Head: Keep your head up! Looking down means that you’re probably leaning forward which will create more stress on your lower back.
Eyes: Keep them forward:
Jaw: Hold your mouth open while you run that way you will breathe both through your nose & through your mouth so you get the most oxygen through your run.
Shoulders: Relax! Tensing up your shoulders takes energy away from what you could be using to cover more distance on your run.
Hands: Lightly cup your hands. Just as tensing your shoulders takes energy, so does clenching your muscles in your hands while you run.
Back: Be upright. Don’t bend at the waist or hunch since this restricts breathing and blood flow. Tall posture ensures your hip flexors & abductors are in prime function which decreases the chance of injury.
Ankles: Lean forward on your ankles to help push yourself along.
Feet: There is no one correct way to use your feet so use whatever kind of foot strike feels right to you!
Follow these tips for optimal running stance and you will be amazing even yourself with the difference it makes1

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