Monday, December 8, 2014

Healthy Grocery Store Habits

Fitness Showcase in Missouri give grocery store tips

Being a healthy, fit and active person is so much more than the time you spend running on your treadmill or elliptical or lifting weights or utilizing your home gym. Healthy is a lifestyle that you live in every setting of your life. One of the places that is most important for you to adopt a healthy lifestyle is at the grocery store. The food that you buy when at the supermarket sets up how healthy you are going to eat for the week. If you buy unhealthy food, then you are obviously panning on eating in an unhealthy manner. We have a few tips here for some rules you should follow while at the grocery store so that you stay healthy all week long!

1: The outside perimeter is where most of your food should come from
                This one you may have heard before. These areas, versus the aisles, have the least amount of processing and are more natural foods like fruits, vegetables, grain, and dairy.

2. Choose aisle food with less than 4 ingredients.
                When choosing snacks, sauces, cereals, and all the other foods you will find in the aisles of the grocery store, you want to choose the ones that are the best out of the bunch. If a products has a huge list of ingredients, it is more likely that that product is going to contain unnatural and harmful additives or processed ingredients. Stick to the food that have the least amount of ingredients.

3. Have a 5 color cart.
                Having a colorful cart is a way of saying that you are eating your proper amount of fruits and vegetables. If you are new to the healthy lifestyle, this rule of thumb is a good one to force yourself to buy more produce. You won’t be able to resist eating the gorgeous colors in your fridge.

4. If you’re going to buy “cheat” foods, make them a small portion.
                We all know that at some point, you will pass the aisle of cookies or of chips and you will want to bring those home for those days that you just want to cheat a bit. Instead of buying an entire large bag, try buying the single serving size. This way once you cheat, you can get back on track to eating healthy and not be tempted by the remaining junk food in your pantry.

5. Stick to water, coffee, and tea.
                Coffee and tea are water based drinks and they can be customized for many different tastes. The liquids you drink should rehydrate you and nothing does that better than water and others made form water.

6. Make sure all your carbs are 100% whole grain.
                Your breads, pastas rice, etc. should all be whole grain to provide the most benefit to your health.

7. Stay away from frozen meals.
                These meals are basically void of any nutritional value.  Make it a part of your healthy lifestyle to cook more and avoid using these meals that are full of refined grains and simple sugars.

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